Mistress An Li – Breaking The POW Part II

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Duration: 9:24s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I can break men at the snap of my wrist. And when I’ve decided that I’ve had enough toying around with my prisoner of war, I mean serious business. It’s time for the cane and the tawse. You see, when I say I want something out of a bitch, I fully intend to get what I want. I actually have zero expectations of not getting exactly what I want. I’ve never failed in breaking a man before, and I certainly don’t intend on failing this time. After all, it’s so easy. A couple of lethal and unrelenting strokes with a rattan cane. A severe spanking from the heavy leather Lochgelly tawse. A bitch like him just needs the right encouragement to do as he’s told. Nothing more than a little bit of thorough interrogation to get what I need out of him. And he won’t be the same when I’m done with him, either. He’ll be battered, bruised, and fully broken. Just the way I like him. One look at his ass says it all

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