Mistress An Li – Boyfriends Are For Sitting

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Duration: 10:6s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Another lazy Sunday with my slave boyfriend, gimpy! As you may know, I have a great ass, and I love sitting on men. Luckily for gimpy, I’ve decided to spend some quality time with him by sitting on him and completely ignoring him! Except for his cock, of course. I have him complete restrained and immobilized in a leather sleepsack, with nothing exposed except for his nose, mouth, and cock. And his cock is tightly bound and electrified, making sure that he stays on his toes. I mean, just because I’m relaxing doesn’t mean he should be! I sit on his face, covering up his breath with my ass in athletic shorts, casually watching TV and turning the electricity higher and higher to make sure he knows who’s in charge. And when I’m done? It’s time to leave my human seat on the couch with his cock still zapping away while I go about my day as usual.

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