Mistress An Li – Birthday Tease

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Duration: 7:29s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

What’s the best thing to get on a slave birthday? A ruined orgasm, of course. I decided to have a little fun on my slave boyfriend’s birthday. I let him pick out a couple of bondage items to tie him up with, and then it was time to have fun with my human dildo. I had purposely kept him pent up for a couple of weeks – no cumming because that’s just who I am – just so I could have an explosively fun time with him on his special day. It was almost too easy. Slow, torturous edging. Building him up, only to take my slippery hands away right when I felt him close to the edge. And when I finally let him cum? I ruined it, and then I ruined it some more. Because what could be more satisfying than milking him without a true orgasm and then going a little bit further with some post-orgasm torment? Happy birthday, bitch. Because even when it’s your birthday, all your orgasms belong to me.

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