Mistress An Li – Beaten Meat Part II

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Duration: 10:45s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Now that I’ve beaten your ass meat, it’s time to beat your man meat! In more ways than one… You worked so hard for that caning and electro-CBT. I know it was painful, confusing, and overwhelming, so I’ve decided to reward you for it. After all, I’m a nice Mistress, right? But first, let’s not make it too easy. I’m going to suspend you up higher in bondage so that you’re even more precariously hanging (don’t worry, there’s a reason for that), and then I’m going to start jerking you off while sitting on your face. And yes, you can cum. It’s your lucky day! But you have to cum in your mouth. See, by suspending you up higher, your cock has a better trajectory towards your open piehole, and we’re going to play an aiming game. Either way, your cum will get in your mouth. And either way, I will be ruining it. You know I’m only facesitting and jerking you off just so that you suffer, right?

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