Mistress An Li – Asian Toilet Trade War

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Duration: 11:1s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

The US has been sending their trash and “recyclables” to China for far too long. And as you may have heard, we have decided to stop accepting your white American waste. You don’t get to treat us like a dumpster anymore. It’s time the tables are turned. It’s time we turned YOU, white America, into the dumpster that you are. It’s time we send our waste to you. It’s time for you to consume. Mistress Lucy and I see how disgusting you are, and it’s about time you got your just desserts. It’s time for you, white America, to become our Asian toilet. Are you ready to flush? Are you ready to make amends for your disgusting, capitalistic filth? Are you ready to submit to your Asian overlords? Are you ready to become our Chinese dumpster?

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