Mistress An Li – A Rubber Gimp Of My Own Part III

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Duration: 14:6s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

My gimp reprogramming has only just begun. As my domestic slave, I expect my newly minted rubber slave to handle all the daily chores in the house. After all, I’ve taken over his house as my own and now he will learn to serve me as I like. His cock is now trapped in a chastity device, showing him I own him fully. “The memory of your last mind-blowing orgasm will keep you compliant so that you’ll always be chasing that dragon”, I tell him. First up? A boot cleaning. I’ve bound his arms and legs behind his back, putting him in a precariously uncomfortable hogtie. He’s to lick my boots clean while he helplessly rolls around the floor in the kitchen. I love watching him strain to put his mouth on my stiletto heels, struggling to do a good job for his new Mistress. “First, you’ll orally clean my boots, and then you’ll orally clean my panties.” And when I’m done with him? I put a padded latex hood over his head to take away his sight and muffle his vision and voice. I don’t even need to chain him down to the floor or hide him in the basement. After all, with his arms and legs restrained and his senses totally deprived, I can rest easy knowing he would never be able to escape…

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