Mistress An Li – A Rubber Gimp Of My Own Part II

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Duration: 11:53s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

My rubber gimp is now awake, and it’s time to reprogram him into an object of my liking. All my slaves need to be submissive and compliant, and I’ve found that milking a man until completion makes it oh-so-easy to train him into becoming exactly what I want. After all, men think with their cocks and not their brains… a little bit of cock tease and coercive manipulation will make him fall under my spell easily. I unzip the rubber catsuit to reveal his hard cock. My gimp is ripe for the reprogramming – since he’s so excited already, I know he will be very receptive to my training. My hands slide up and down his cock, slowly teasing him as my latex ass sits on his face…and then it’s time for the Venus 2000 milking machine. The milking machine slowly sucks at my trapped gimp’s member, bringing him closer and closer to the edge and closer and closer to reprogramming. He grows more aroused by the sensation of rubber encasing his body, his limbs in bondage, his eyes blindfolded, and his mouth gagged…and he finally understand that his life as my gimp is inevitable. His orgasm is his agreement to be my slave forever.

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