Mistress An Li – A Forever Virgin

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Duration: 11:31s
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Hey virgin! That’s right. I can read it just by looking at you. You’re a virgin. The type of guy who never gets flirted with, the type of guy who has no game, the type of guy who will never get laid. It’s pretty funny how hopeless you are. You probably masturbate furiously by yourself at night while crying about the fact that your dick will always remain untouched by glorious pussy. Speaking about masturbation, whip it out and give me something to laugh at. I mean, this is probably the closest sexual contact you’ll get with a woman, least of all someone like me. I may be laughing at you, but you and I both know this is better than any sex you’ll ever dream of…mostly because you’re incapable of ever imagining yourself fucking a real woman. So whip it out. Show me how gross you look wanking it, loser. Don’t worry, I’ll give you something to look at because I think it’s hilarious showing you exactly what you’ll never have. Doesn’t my ass look great? What about this tiniest peek of a nipple? Ha! Dream on. And speaking of keeping your virginity, do you think you’re allowed to cum today? A virgin’s gotta stay a virgin.

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