Missmiserlou – Taking Your Virginity – First Time POV

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Duration: 25:6s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You met a cute girl at the club and I’ve brought you back to my place for the night! I’m looking at you expectantly, wondering why you’re hesitating to make a move. I lean in for a kiss and I realize that you’re already hard! Wow, okay, let’s do this then! I encourage you to take off my top and my bra, but you’re struggling, almost as if you’ve never done this before? I ask you if you’ve ever been with a girl before and you admit that you’re a virgin! I’m intrigued and flattered to be the one to take your virginity. I tell you to undress and I can see that you’re trying to hide your dick from me, and when you uncover yourself I can see why! You’ve got a cute little cock; I’m reassuring but a bit disappointed. I can handle that little dick though, and I tell you lean back so I can give you first blowjob. With lots of eye contact, I give you a slow, sensual blowjob, slowing down at times to tell you to relax and try not to cum too quickly. Then I lay back and teach you how to eat my pussy; your attempts are a bit awkward, but you follow directions well. I’m ready for you to fuck me, but I realize that I only have Magnum condoms around and those *definitely* won’t fit you. Hmm, I guess I am on birth control anyway, so I let you fuck me without a condom. You get on top of me, missionary-style (POV from the waist up), and you can see my face react as you enter me. You start to thrust quickly and I seem like I’m starting to really enjoy myself and then… oh. You came already. A bit disappointed again, I ask if you could go for another round, and you fuck me some more (shown with a dildo this time). I try to encourage you to keep going as I get closer to cumming, but again you cum inside me before I reach climax. Hmm, well I’m pretty tired at this point, so I say good night and get in bed. The next morning, I wake up next to you and slowly remember the events of the night before. I was a bit tipsy and a bit horny, but honestly, I probably won’t hook up with you again. You have another boner, so I give you one last handjob, knowing that you’ll finish quickly, before sending you on your way.

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