MissJasmineUK – Naughty and Nice

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Duration: 09:58
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You come over to my place and I am dressed up in pretty white lingerie for you! It’s the first time you’re seeing me without my clothes on. I’m nervous to see your reaction, and know what you think of my outfit. After all, I wore it especially for you. You are taken a back at first, as you weren’t expecting to find me here with no clothes on! You tell me how good I look, and my nervousness eases and turns into excitement. You love that I dressed up especially for you. So I let you know that I have another surprise for you. I leave the room, and when I come back I am wearing a different lingerie set. This time its red and I put on matching red lipstick to wear with it too. Suddenly I am feeling so horny and I’m not shy to tell you. You are pleasantly amused and ask to see my body. I show off the second outfit for you. After a bit of teasing I finally finger myself until I cum, right in front of you, leaving you speechless!

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