Miss Vixen – Good Boy Praise Loop

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Duration: 8:37s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You’re a very Good Boy for Goddess Vixen, aren’t you darling? You love being my Good Boy. You love hearing those words, that praise, come from my perfect lips. You love the way it goes straight to your cock, making you impossibly harder with the knowledge that’ve you’ve done so well for your Mistress. Good Boy. Those two words are everything to you. They inspire you to stroke harder, edge longer, serve better. Good Boy. Everything you strive to be incapsulated in a single phrase. Everything you need. Everything you crave. And you are a Good Boy for me–a very Good Boy, one of my very best slaves even. Consider this clip a reward, darling. You’ve been so very good for me. You’ve earned the praise.

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