Miss Tiff – Worship My Perfect Legs

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Duration: 07:16
Quality: 1080x720 HD

Custom for James_ My GODDESS! ALL LEGS! I need them posed from the side, can you just start the film with you standing from the side with Your knees twitching and flexing over and over and over again. From both sides, the left and the right, leave your legs in full pose! No bending those dirty knees my goddess. I need to see up your skirt just a tad. PLEASE wear your absolute smallest skin tight dress and please have your cleavage showing as well and have the camera come up from behind as your legs are in full pose and let me see up your dress and see that thong and perfect ass. Lots and lots of jerk off instructions and do the jerk off motion slowly with your beautiful hands and have the camera come up your legs from the side up to your beautiful face with your hair all curled and just laugh and mock me. Tell me to blow my load A LOT! Go back into your pose from the side and twitch and flex your knees with your Ass hanging out just slightly and do the jerk off hand motion, count down from ten and make me shoot a giant load of cum for your perfect goddess legs. Tell me that you love it when James cums for you and do one final flex and twitch of your knees. Pose from behind too with your calves showing and flexed to where I can also see your knees posed. Call me leg boy and remind me how you barely had to do anything but look hot and yet I am STILL ready to explode and make my cock explode!!! No panty hose please and can you curl your hair.

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