Miss Tiff – Routine Medical Examination With Sph

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Routine medical physical exam and you are doctor. I’m over self confident guy who thinks he got big penis. You tell my to put my pants down and I don’t want to. Second time you order to me and said you are the boss in here. I put my pants down and then you order to me to put my underwear down too, saying that you seen a lot of penises during your career. I put underwear down and you start feeling my balls and order me to cough three times. You holding my balls and telling me to cough again and again because you cant feel anything because I have small balls. Because of that you squeeze me down there harder and harder with order to cough even harder so you can fell my small balls in your hand. After that you comment my penis size which is only average (under 8 inches)and could never please you. Please use words penis and testicles at the beginning when you try to be official but very soon after that start to curse (saying fucking hell) and be arrogant.

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