Miss Tiff – Honey Youre a Bimbo Now

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Duration: 15:23
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

It is a POV Roleplaying clip without nudity, as I wake up weeks after having someone else’s surgery, which feminized me. The video is about my wife reacting to the changes as she goes through them all in pov(talking to me) She begins to emasculate me, with playful suggestions as she comes to terms with my changes. It’s an outline with dialogue and a general pace. I would say it’s length is 15-20 minutes long. PUMPED UP HUBBY We are happily married I went in for a little lipo to get ready for our anniversary cruise, but there was a huge mistake. I’ve been released back home and resting for weeks, unaware of what happened. Im mostly healed. You’re sitting at my bedside as I wake up. Very nervously, you tell me that there was a mix up with my procedure “Hubby, you’ve been out cold longer than you think.”

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