Miss Ruby Grey – Ex-Girlfriends Gaydar

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Duration: 10:54s
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You accidentally sent a very gay text to your me about how badly you “want his cock”. The truth is, I know you’re gay. We shared a phone plan so I saw all of the filthy texts you sent to the men you met on Grindr. I saw all of the gay porn downloads on your laptop. I just have to confront you about it. It seems that every time I look you in the eye and call you gay, your dicks gets harder and harder. At first I was so disturbed when I got that text, but then I got to thinking… picturing you getting fucked by a man, with your tight ass in the air, is actually so hot. I want to watch you get fucked. I want to watch how much you enjoy being fucked by a muscular man with a huge dick. I want to watch how well my ex-boyfriend takes a dick down his throat. Let’s make a deal. You agree to let me watch you get fucked and I’ll keep your gay secret between us. Deal?

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