Miss Madison Stone – Big Biceps Stronger Than YOURS

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STRONGER, MORE POWERFUL AND MORE MUSCULAR THAN YOU I can’t believe what a wimp of a beta you are. Look those wimpy little arms, you call those biceps? Take a good look at me, I work hard for my body, I’m a total gym babe and all that hard work has paid off. My biceps are bigger than yours, my abs are more defined than yours, my booty is rock’n. The best part is I’m not overly muscular, I still have sexy curves. Now about you beta, you’re just scrawny little wimp. You are no match for me and I could easily make you tap out with my big biceps and strong thighs. You can eat as much protein as possible and hit the gym but you will never be as muscular and powerful as me. Go ahead stroke to my biceps as I flex and show them off. Jerk off to my sexy yoga pants that I wore to the gym and other guys gooned over. I’m feeling so pumped and ready to humiliate you wimp boy.

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