Miss London Lix – You Want This 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 09:57
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

So many of you are wrapped in this little “femdom dilemma”…you come to me and ask “why do I keep coming back to this, when I don’t want it? Why can’t I stop?”. Have you ever considered, dumb dumb, that maybe you just DO want this?! Like, really bad?! Honestly, what’s more likely? That there’s some addiction or hocus pocus or magic or illness or brain reprogramming at play here, across thousands of men, or simply that you LOVE being here, and won’t admit it? Maybe you’re worried wanting this makes you a loser. Maybe you’re guilted by society into thinking this isn’t what you “should” be doing. But there’s no denying you want this anymore. I’m going to help you accept it.

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