Miss London Lix – Siren Seduction 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 12:02
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

it’s no secret, how much you idolize and worship me. But it can still come as a surprise just how little of me, can turn you on. Your cock has become conditioned to twitch just at the sound of my voice. You become fixated on my perfectly painted red lips, dirty thoughts flooding your mind. The danger of my poisonous words illicits a comfort and familiarity within you, rather than fear. My power over you is visceral. And you’re not alone. Many a man before you has succumb to the song of a siren. I am freedom from the oppression you feel in your male role. You’re bound by always having to be so rational, so logical, so reasonable in real life. Is it any wonder that throwing caution to the wind and letting yourself get reckless for me feels oh so liberating? Not one bit. So join me, pet, on the blissful, seductive journey I’m going to take you on today, and let’s see just where you end up. That’s right. Look into my big, sea green eyes. Take my hand. Let go. Contains subtle, relaxing background music.

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