Miss London Lix – Blackmailed with Rush by Your Sexy Coworker 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 18:24
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I’m your hot coworker at the IT office and I call you over to show you that I found a bottle of alkyl nitrates in my desk this morning. I’m really curious about what these do, what the effects are, but I’m too nervous to take them myself. Will you just take one hit for me? I want to see what happens. Maybe just another sniff, and another. There’s a good boy. It looks like it’s true what they say about them increasing arousal and pleasure, by the look of your dick. As you get more and more fucked up, deeper and deeper under my intoxicating spell, I reveal that I didn’t find these in my drawer at all. I took them from yours, because when digging in the intraweb today, I found some HR reports about your little intox addiction. I’ve decided to exploit you, handing you an iPad and coaxing you to enter more and more personal information into an email to me as I bring you to the edge multiple times. I get you wrapped around my little finger, head spinning, aching for release, and completely at my mercy…

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