Miss Grace – Goon Hero Challenge

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Duration: 15:23s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Welcome To The Goon Hero Challenge, Challenge Accepted – The cock training programme to condition you to stroke for longer each time, each time denied, each time more desperate, the more desperate you become to impress me, the more easier it is to control your mind, falling deeper in to the Gooning hole of pleasure. You mind deep in pumping trance devouring the enticing visionary masterpiece in front of you, filled with subliminal messaging and Mesmerizing methods, there’s no escape from this edging and denial cycle of pure pumping bliss …Training you to become the NO1 GOON HERO. This hero challenge will cause – Involuntarily drooling as you watch me. Your tongue may hang out, wag and drip with spit. You might not even know you’re doing it. You start uttering deeply primal moaning, grunting, and groans. You will become addicted to beating your personal goon record. I’ve designed this file in a way that it will loop

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