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Behavioural modification – the MKULTRA PROGRAM Subproject 01 Welcome to the modification program, buried deep in the classified files comes to light the MKULTRA PROGRAM. After much deliberation, I decided to test this file on willing subjects before releasing it to the public, please see note below – The file I’m releasing this evening is to be tested before its released to the public.The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential, abide by the code, before submitting yourself to be my test subject, you will send me a *Yes Mistress* before you proceed. Number of subjects taking part in the trials – 50 All subjects consented to being tested with the classified file. The fully pledged subjects that took part in my experiment were left disoriented, bewildered amongst other mind alternating effects. There are some unanswered questions due to the amnesia the subject experienced during the modification program, almost like they had been left mindless, not able to think for themselves, adjusting and changing within the program. The effectiveness of the behavioural program is that of great achievement and success , it is ready for release to the public. The content of this program may change your behaviour pattern, modify your mind and render you under deep mesmerize, so deep there’s no return. You will embrace all changes, you will follow the instructions set out in the program, it has been trialed and tested for its effectiveness on the human mind, this program is safe and government approved for daily use. IMPORTANT INFORMATION

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