Miss Charlotte Elise – Cruel Compassion 1280×720 HD

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Duration: 06:14
Quality: 1280x720 HD

We both know you don’t want to be in control. It’s so much easier this way, isn’t it? The only thought is how good this feels. I’m not looking for for affection, pet. I want worshipful devotion. Vanilla Women can be so very…lovely, and soft, but is what really who you are? Is it what you truly need? No, it isn’t. I open up the cavities in you, Exposing-Fantasy the truth each time I allow you to hear My voice.. you’ve never really been able to size up anyway. It’s better than your wife, better than that vanilla life. you’re simply programmed to always want what you can’t have. Always seeking to reach out of your league. It isn’t your fault, My pet. This is who you are, and I am what you need.

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