Miss Amelia – Wanking Is Sex

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Aren’t you the biggest virgin loser of all times ? Yes ! Yes, you are ! You don’t have a real sex life , wanking is your sex life. Do you honestly expect to lose your virginity at this age ? Women don’t even glance at you , how do you expect to get in bed with one ? The only thing you can take in bed with you , is your virgin loser hand .Wanking is your type of sex. Actually, today I’m going to teach you how to treat your hand as your girlfriend . Stroke and tell your girlfriend just how pretty she is. This is so fucking pathetic , but I guess this is something ” normal ” for a virgin loser. Look at you, so horny, so desperate, what a sad little reject you are… Lack of pussy really messed with your head, but , happy you found a girlfriend now . You can have ” sex ” anytime you want now . Well , at least as long as you treat her nice , she will give you sex!

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