Miss Amelia – Red Light Green Light Chastity Denial Games for Foot Addicts

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Duration: 18:15s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I know just how much you love seeing my beautiful , divine feet in sexy heels . I know just how weak they make you , and being locked up in chastity makes things difficult for you . And I won’t release you . Where’s the fun in that ? We will play a cute , frustrating game . You’ll be in chastity while playing , struggling in that tiny cage , throbbing and aching . And I’ll enjoy every single second of tormenting you . We will play RED LIGHT / GREEN LIGHT . On red light – you take your hands off of your caged cock , you don’t touch it at all . You just watch , worship and struggle in that cage . On green light you can touch it , you can rub it , you can use a vibrator on it , you can tease the fuck out of it , you can stroke through that cage.

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