Miss Amelia – Metronome Edging Game

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Duration: 31:43s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You love games , don’t you ? I guess you can figure it out what game we’re going to play today , right ? You will stroke to the metronome beat. This the number one rule for today’s game . Easy , right ? Rule number two . You’re not allowed to cum without my permission , but , if you accidentally cum , you will ruin it and eat that ruined load as a punishment. During the game, there will be several dice time . For the dice time, you and me will roll a dice, and if your dice and mine are the same, then you can continue with the video . But, if yours and mine are different, then you have to suffer the punishments. I know just how much you love to stroke that cock loser . I know just how much you love playing games and testing your limits.

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