Miss Alika White – You Can Be My BF if You Sign This

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Duration: 20:15s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

We’ve had some fun dates and I know you want to officially become my boyfriend. I’ve been considering it and I’d like to do it, but there is one condition. You to sign this contract to agree to a few rules… well 3 pages of rules actually. The main point of the contract is that you’ll be my cuckold slave. I know, that might be a bit of a shock, but it’s the price you’ve got to pay to have a girlfriend who is so far out of your league. You do know I’m out of your league, don’t you? In the clip, I’ll tell you what being my cuck slave involves, what your new rules will be and read some parts of the contract. You can stroke your cock while you do, but you’ll soon learn that after you sign, you can only touch it again with my permission. As well as your house rules, you’ll hear about your demeaning cuckold duties for when I have a hot guy or bull round. I know you won’t be able to turn it this opportunity down, so you’ll also be able to see what happens in the first few minutes after you sign the contract.

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