Miss Alika White – Reverse Strip Tease

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Duration: 10:21s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

For a real men, I would be stripping off, but for you my clothes are going on. I start off this clip in the kind of thing I wear under my clothes when my hot guy friends comes to visit. I dress like this under my normal clothes because if a hot guy wants to hang out, 99% of the time, it ends in sex. Not that you would know anything about that because you’re a fucking loser. Losers don’t hang out with hot girls and end up getting their dick wet. Nah you hang out with videos of girls on your computer. And even they are so far out of your league that when they see you, they want to put their clothes back and make you thank them for the privilege. So that’s what you’ll be seeing here, me putting my clothes on because losers don’t get to see girls like me in our underwear.

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