Mina Thorne – Chastity Frustration

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Duration: 13:19s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Ideally you should be locked up for about a week before watching this clip to really experience the effects of it. It’s so frustrating being locked up in that cage isn’t it? I know when I start teasing you all you can think about is stroking, but all you can do is sit there, feeling frustrated and denied, and feeling that cage seemingly shrink as your dick throbs. Fun for me, torment for you. The side effect of that cage has been very beneficial for me, it’s made you more submissive, made it impossible for you to think about anything but me. The more I tease you the more weak and mine you become. A little tease never hurt anyone after all, and as much as it frustrates you, you love every sadistic second of it.

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