Mina Thorne – Blackmailed-Fantasy for the New Year

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Duration: 15:28s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Let me guess, once of you New Year resolutions is going to be leaving all this behind? No more will you humiliate and degrade yourself, no more simping for Goddess, no more clips or tributes. This year you’re going to be better, stronger and you’ll leave your femdom addiction behind. Here’s the thing, you can’t. Do you think you can forget who you really are? Did you think that all those photos, messages, and info you’ve sent me would just magically disappear when the clock strikes midnight? I’m not going to forget everything you’ve done this past year and I won’t let you either. I have so much damaging information on you that you have no choice but continuing to be a good beta bitch for me into this next year. Otherwise it won’t take long for me to leave you in complete ruin. Now, do we want to rethink those resolutions? I thought so.

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