Mia Jocelyn – Body Possession Gone Wrong 2

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Duration: 20:32s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Part 2 of body possession gone wrong. A video where a 40 year old man uses a spell but isn’t specific enough and wakes up in his female neighbor’s body as opposed to a younger male’s. Video starts with waking up the next day to see he’s still in the female’s body. He goes to relax on the couch and watch some tv, finding out that his favorite sports team got to the finals and does a quick dance. He then decides to try on some more of her clothing. Finally settling on a comfortable outfit, decides to do some workouts in yoga pants and a sports bra. After working out, he is horny and decides to film a video to send to himself later once he gets his male body back. He sets up the camera and struts around in a sexy red dress and heels, stripping from it until fully nude. He can no longer hold back and needs to play with himself, also recording that on camera so he can watch later. Video ends with fingering and vibrator play til orgasm.

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