Mia Jocelyn – Bikini Findom 2

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Duration: 8:25s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Did you buy my first Bikini Findom and crave more? Here’s the second in the series, pretty much the exact thing as the first. But you’re pathetic enough to buy both of them, aren’t you? Financial domination in my bright yellow bikini. Only a total loser would buy this non nude video of me talking in a tiny yellow bikini! Your wallet is now mine, listen to me go on about how I’m going to drain dollar by dollar from your bank account. You are a total jerk addicted loser for me and my big tits! Fund my vacations, designer shopping sprees, hair, makeup, nails with all the money you make working long hard hours. It’ll all be worth it in the end while you watch me blow through your entire life savings! Since you’ve been such a good paypig for me, I’ll allow you to cum at the end. Countdown from 10.

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