Maxie Rhoad – Did You Enjoi Our First Date

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You invite me over to your place for our first date… it’s already quite unusual isn’t it? But I thought I will make an exception since we have known each other for a while. I sit down, and notice you looking at my feet… you cannot take your eyes off them… I take my high heels off, and notice you getting hard whilst staring at my feet. There is no chance I am fucking you on our first date, don’t even think about it. And just because I am dressed provocatively, it doesn’t mean I will give it up so quickly. But… you are so turned on, and I am in the mood to tease you. So come on, get your cock out, and you can wank a front of me whilst playing with my feet. Get it out, don’t be shy, I can already see how hard you are… and let me see that cock… and how much I’m turning you on. I will give you a clear instruction of how I want you to wank for me and completely take control of your orgasm by coming up with a fun game of red and green traffic light.

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