Maven May – Good Boys Binge

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Duration: 7:23s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Good boys BINGE. They buy allll of My clips and stroke themselves into a frenzy. I like seeing how desperate you get for Me. I like seeing you fucked up on this body, this face. You see, I’m a different kind of medicine. The kind of medicine you can’t stop taking, because once you’ve had a taste, you’re hooked for life, and you need MORE. More of Maven, more obsessing, more stroking and gooning and worshipping. You crave My power, My control, the bliss is addicting. Ever since you bought your first clip, you’ve found yourself thinking about Me. Somehow, always coming back to Me, so you had to buy another, then another, until you’ve become so obsessed you NEED Me in your life. Lose yourself in My body, My voice, My power. Lose yourself completely and BINGE.

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