Marigoddess – Weight Gain Goal Soda Sip Burps

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Marigoddess wants to gain weight. She steps on a scale to display an accurate measurement of Her current weight before and after sipping a can and a half of soda pop. She planned to chug the soda but naturally begins sipping as She opens up the fizzy refreshment. Marigoddess tells you that She wants to become a pudgy Princess. She liberates little burps from the confinement of Her stomach as She describes Her desire for a miniature potbelly, bigger tits, a larger ass and thicker thighs. In fact, She wouldn’t mind if all the weight She plans to gain goes directly to Her thighs. She knows that gaining will make Her look even hotter, She loves that unique warm feeling of being full, and She adores receiving encouragement to stuff Her face. By the time She opens the second can of soda, She’s begun to feel bloated. She gloats and gladly shows off, rubbing Her swollen tummy. She lets out a couple more loud, deep and vocal belches from the depths of Her belly, but She can’t quite finish off the entire second can of the carbonated beverage. Little sighs of frustrated fullness escape as She tries to fill Her tummy to capacity. She’s determined to stretch Her stomach in order to make more room for the future.

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