Marigoddess – Weigh In Struggling To Try On Jeans JOI

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Duration: 37:38s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Marigoddess steps on the scale to show you the weight She’s gained since Her last weigh in. She’s making good solid progress. After stepping on the scale, She wants you to jerk off for Her while She tries on and models all 9 pairs of Her jeans that no longer fit Her properly. She’s completely outgrown all of Her old jeans. Each and every pair are a real true struggle for Her to wiggle and squeeze into. She shakes Her butt, jumping up and down, squirming to get the jeans on over Her big fat ass. Once they’re on, they really hug Her petite curves. Taking them off again is just as tricky, She has to sit down to wrestle them off. Teasing you, you can see Her ass is practically eating Her tiny thong. Each pair is way too tight around Her ankles, calves, thighs, ass, hips and Her belly. Her skinny jeans are all ill-fitting and skintight now that She’s a bit chubby.

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