Marigoddess – Weigh In – Petite Girl Gain Progression

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This is My first weigh in since I set a weight gain goal for Myself 2 weeks prior. I start out by stepping on the scale to display My weight before I eat breakfast. Then I talk about My goal and how I’ve been progressing to achieve it. I’m almost half way to making My initial goal. I let you join in on My morning meal as I dig into a double chocolate muffin with a glass of whole milk, mixed with carnation instant breakfast shake – a protein and vitamin infused powder. As I munch on the muffin, I make a mess, getting chocolate all over the place. I lick it off My fingers but don’t seem to notice the chocolate on My chin. I let out a large burp nearing the end as I excuse Myself for letting it out, but it makes more room in My belly. I let out a few sighs before I attempt to finish off almost the entire thing before I chug the rest of the carnation. I wanted to eat two muffins but My eyes tend to be bigger than My tummy, and they were way too chocolaty for Me to handle both as My first meal. After I’ve consumed the incredibly chocolaty treat, I let out a few moans of slight discomfort and another burp as I show off My full belly before stepping back on the scale to gloat My final current weight.

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