Marigoddess – Tight Jeans Weight Gain Weigh In

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Duration: 6:57s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Marigoddess was so skinny and petite, but She’s gained some sexy weight over the past few months. Now She weighs the most She’s ever weighed in Her whole life. Can you tell? She shows off Her favorite pair of jeans, and how they hardly even fit Her anymore. Her jeans are so tight, She can barely get Her ass to squeeze into them. She burps like a glutton while talking about how snug and tightfitting Her pants are. Her lil chubby belly is hanging over Her jeans, and She loves it. Rubbing Her soft tummy, She flaunts Her growth, squeezing Her fat belly to show off. She loves how Her body is transforming, growing bigger, more full and round. She’s really filling out in all the right places. Her tits, Her belly, Her ass and thighs, Her body looks so good after gaining some weight. She just wants to keep growing fatter for you, but at this rate, She’s going to outgrow all of Her old clothes and you’re going to have to buy Her a whole new wardrobe. She steps on the scale to show you exactly what She’s weighing in at for you. Pound by pound, She wants to just keep gaining more.

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