Marigoddess – 2 Liter Attempt Burping JOI

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Duration: 20:31s
Quality: 854x480

This was a custom clip in which I was requested to weigh Myself and show My belly, both before and after consuming an entire two liter of grape soda while belching and giving jerk off instructions. I step on the scale to show My weight before I fill My stomach, eager to grow bigger and gain. Wearing a white tank top and a thong, I open up the bottle of pop and sip the fizzy carbonated beverage while I tease you. Showing off My petite tummy, I encourage you to stroke your cock while I down the soda and inevitably bloat in the process. I let out the biggest, loudest and most satisfying burps when I get up and shake My butt for you, turning My head to give you a visual of the belches I release from My lips. I let out moans of slight discomfort as I struggle to consume every last drop, but I’m determined to succeed. I chug all of the soda, grinning as I get a really big burp out. The last sip I take ends up being too much and I spit some of it out onto Myself. After triumphantly finishing the whole 2 liter, I countdown from ten to one, and then let out one last big burp for you. I eagerly show off My weight again after I’m done. All of the extra liquid in My belly has added 2 whole pounds to My cute tummy!

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