Mandy Marx – Which Is Worse Being Blackmailed-Fantasy or Being Forgotten About

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Imagine you’re into bondage and submission, you’re curious about it. So you wander into a bookstore and discretely find your way to their small bondage section. A girl approaches you, a beautiful girl, and she notices what you’re looking at. That girl is Mandy Marx and she is delighted to find a man in the bondage section by himself. Easy prey. Your dream come true. She asks you some seemingly innocent questions which you readily answer, not knowing what’s in store for you… Funny that I found you in this section of the bookstore, this small section with books about bondage. Tell me more about you, like where you work and what you do. I’m so curious! Who’s your boss at that company? You’re looking so new to this, my little lost boy. Have you seen a chain like this before? I like using these to chain boys up. Personally I don’t go anywhere without it. Why don’t you tell me a bit more? Do you have a girlfriend or wife? Or is there someone else who shouldn’t know you’re here right now? Well I want their name, phone number and email or I will out you. I mean you have already told me a few personal pieces of information already. But really if you don’t tell me I’ll just get bored and walk away. And you don’t want that do you? This is too intriguing to pass up. Well I’m just going to call you my little newbie. Follow me, I have a place we can go to. We’re going to practice what you wanted to learn in those books. I’m going to be your Mistress and you’re going to be my slave. And now I’m going to attach you to my chain. Now get down on all fours, I’m going to lead you around by my chain. I’m going to have you eating out of the palm of my hand. I’m going to show you that you’re a little helpless slave and I’m your Mistress. And if you change your mind, which you won’t, I’ve got a lot of information, so I don’t think you’ll take any chance of me getting bored. You don’t want me getting rid of you or filling my time with another slave. No, you have that thing that every other slave has in his brain. You just want to serve. Now crawl to me on your knees. Kiss my foot. Kiss them both. There’s so much I can do to you as your Mistress with you on the end of my leash. I could make you stroke your cock for me, I could make you watch videos of me, I could make you spend lots of money. I could make you do all those things that I bet you want to do anyway. Don’t you? You see if you aren’t absolutely eager to please, I could out you. Or I could just stop responding all together. Because a slave craves being a slave. That’s how you got here. You didn’t get to the part of that bookstore by accident. You didn’t get on your knees by accident. You don’t end up collared by accident. Say it, ‘I wasn’t collared by accident.’ ‘I crave discipline.’ ‘I’m owned by Mandy Marx.’ You want this, you want it so bad, but you have to earn it. Collared for Mandy. Stroking for Mandy. Are you more submissive than you’ve ever been with me? Down on your hands and knees are you more submissive than you’ve ever been? That’s because I make you that way. You crave submission from me. You need it. Or there’s the fear of the alternative. And you wouldn’t want that. I know so much about you. A girl as pretty and powerful as me has a lot of options. You wouldn’t want me to leave you and forget about you, that really would be so much worse than me outing you. The ultimate punishment. Ignoring you would be so much worse than me doing the thing that I collected all that information for. I don’t need to use them because you want it so the fear of me leaving you is worse than being blackmailed-fantasy. You need this, you crave it. There’s something inside of you that makes you want to go deeper…

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