Mandy Marx – Warning You Will Be Trapped Gooning There Is No Escape

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I’d like to start with a warning. This video is bait and I know that every single person who clicks on this video will become trapped. It’s so funny because I’m honestly warning you and telling you not to watch this clip, that if you do you will become trapped, and you sit there and your cock gets harder and you want to watch it more and more. So again I’m warning you, do not watch this clip, it is meant to ensnare you. Now I want you to take a deep breath and put your hand on your cock, it’s already nice and hard, and it’s getting harder as I speak. Stroke your cock and breathe with me as you get more and more excited. With every deep exhale you’re sinking lower, that feeling of relaxation and simultaneous horniness is sinking you lower and lower. Your brain is dripping and melting and going lower and lower down into your cock. Now just mindlessly stroke your cock as you watch me in my sexy latex outfit. Your cock is getting harder and your will to stop is floating away. Keep stroking your cock for me because it feels so good. Stroke your cock for me as you start to feel more and more stuck. Stroke your cock for me as I start to make you feel trapped. I’m going to make you feel stuck. Feel it starting at your ankles and work it’s way up across your entire body. And you can still stroke but you can’t have the rest of your body. I own it now and it’s stuck. All you can do is stroke. You are melted into your seat. Stroke it and melt. You’re helpless. But you love this feeling and you want more. More layers of my voice binding your body, less movement. More stroking. Always wanting more. But you can’t have that right now. So you just have to jerkoff thinking about it. About being more trapped. I want to see you weak and desperate and begging for it. That thing that you want, that thing that you need, that thing that you can’t have. You just have to sit in your chair and stare at me and stroke. But no cumming. Just goon mindlessly. Cumming isn’t allowed, just stroke for me wishing I was strapping you and binding you and locking you so tight. Wishing I was trapping you even further. It feels so good to be trapped by me. You just want it, don’t you? But you can’t have it. Just stare at me and stroking and stroking and stroking and wanting so bad to be trapped but not getting it. Begging for it. Stroke for me, boy. Stroke as you are trapped in your chair. Stroke with your eyes glue to the screen and your hand glued to your cock. And you just want more. You want me to mindfuck you and addict you and have you trapped even further. But you can’t have more right now, you just have to sit there and look at how cute I am and stroke your cock. That’s all you get to do. I know you’re getting lost as you’re stuck there, unable to move, only able to jerk. It’s fucking you up, isn’t it? You’re trapped, aren’t you? But not enough, you want to be trapped more. And the more you stroke and the more you listen the more trapped you become. Keep gooning and gooning and gooning. You want to be trapped. Keep stroking. Stroke and stare as you absorb my words. You’re almost trapped, but not yet, you can be trapped more. I know some of you are afraid to come and see me because of what I might do to you, how you might get stuck, but the truth is, I can do it every bit as effectively through your computer screen. I’ve trapped all kinds of boys. Do you want to be trapped for me? Good, then stroke. You can’t feel anything but your cock. And that feels so good that you’re trapped doing it. Over and over and over again. No cumming, just trapped jerking. You can’t stop. You’re trapped. Keep gooning. Keep getting trapped deeper.

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