Mandy Marx – Trapped In Her Cycle Mesmeratrix Manipulates Stroking Zombie Boy

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You see Mandy at the conference. She often attends the same conferences as you and think you’ve seen her before. She recognizes you and calls you over. She explains that you two have met but you can’t remember. She keeps mesmerizing you and manipulating you and making you forget. You have no idea who she is or the fact that she’s done this to you dozens of times already… (There is an incredible, triggering background voice in this clip that will send you spiraling deep into trance.) Hey, nice to see you again, please have a seat. Oh don’t worry about what my hands are doing, just keep following them. It’s like you almost have to. Just keep following and I’ll help you remember exactly where we met before. Are you feeling tired? That’s ok just keep your eyes open and keep watching my hands. You might not remember but this is that technique that you really enjoyed at that place where we met. You’ll remember the whole thing in a moment… (Mandy’s voice whispering in the background….”This is a mindfulness technique. Relaxation. Stroking yourself. You’re masturbating. Very, very good. Your body feels so relaxed now.”) Now I’m going to count down from 5 and when you hear the snap, you can close your eyes. 3, 2, 1.. close your eyes. You’re feeling calmer and calmer. Now gently rest your hand on your cock. Very good. Now once you start stroking, you can slowly open your eyes. You’re so mesmerized. It really wasn’t hard. Stroke your cock for me. Do you remember me now, little mesmerized boy? Does anything about me ring a bell? I noticed your eyes get kinda wide the moment you and I locked eyes. But you still can’t just put your finger on it. But there’s something so familiar. It’s just that when you see my face your cock starts to get harder and harder. And what do mesmerized stroking boys do? They stroke. Stroke your cock for me. Stroke your cock for the girl who kept you from remembering, how many times I snuck in and out of your house. The years of sending you videos back and forth where I told you exactly how to jerkoff. Commanding you to do this, making you buy me that. Stroke it. It’s funny how the memories trickle back in, I’ll let you remember them for a moment. But at the end of this I’m going to snap my fingers and take it all away again. You can pump harder as you’re excited and frustrated at the same time. But it won’t stop me. Try to stop me little mesmerized zombie boy. Are you starting to remember me sneaking in and out of your house, sending you videos. Oh I’m starting to look Way more familiar now, aren’t I? Stroke like it. I watch you nervously pump and try to hold yourself back because you don’t want to spill because someone knows what happens when you spill. What happens mesmerized zombie boy? We go back to not remembering, don’t we? And then what are we again? Back at square one. Until you walk to the office and I’m sitting there and it all happens again. I mean we’ve done this dozens of times before. You react so easily to my suggestions because you’ve done this so many times before. Your biggest problem right now isn’t being mesmerized, it’s that you can’t remember that I do this to you all the time so you’re back mesmerized again lol! Try really hard not to cum too fast. And the best part of all of this is that I know what you’re going to do. You’re going to try to hold back and not cum, and then you won’t be able to hold back any longer. I’m going to make you make a huge mess on the floor. Go head, try to stop me LOL! Jerk fast or slow if you want, the same thing happens every time. You’re going to try so hard not to pop but then eventually you will. And then you won’t remember again. (Snap.) I wanna make sure that when we do this again and I start the induction and mesmerize you again, it works just as well. You don’t want to cum though. Don’t cum yet. Don’t do it. Because you don’t want to forget. You want to remember this, right? You wanna hold back. But you can’t. I can use all of my tricks. You’re in too deep. I can have you on the edge, stroking really fast, and I promise, once I trigger you, you won’t be able to hold back. So just give in. Give in and enjoy the moment. Get worked up and make a really big mess. Your cock is doing that little twitch thing you do when you’re right on the edge. I’m going to trigger you and you’re going to make a big mess all over the floor. (Snap.) Welcome back. Oh I think you just dozed off. Thanks for meeting with me, can’t wait to meet you again.

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