Mandy Marx – Think Less Stroke More Mindless Jerk Puppet Trance

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Mandy Marx! This is a very sensual mesmerizing clip. Mandy will take you down deep into trance with her soft voice, her whispers, and her mesmerizing subliminal messages in the background. You will fall deep for Mandy and become mindless and obedient, ready to be her brainless jerk puppet. Grab your cock and get ready to sink even deeper into Mandy’s trance through audio and visual triggers that will have your head spiraling and your mind completely rinsed. Watch carefully and you will see her dark, shadowy, sexy silhouette appear on the screen in the background. It’s funny how boys get so preoccupied by what’s in their hand and they forget where they are. I want you to breathe with me while you jerk. I know that sometimes when you take a really deep breath things get hazy. And that’s ok, if you forget where you are I’m right here to remind you of where you are. You’re in my stroking class. Now keep breathing exactly as I say and I’ll help you feel all tingly inside. Good boy. Now I want you to think even less. Up, down, up, down. Your hand is only for your cock. Any time any thought comes into your head, I want you to think deeper about your hand being made for your cock. All you do is stroke your cock for me. And if I think you’ve gotten too distracted, I’m going to stop you and have you take one more deep breath for me. Take that deep breath and let it all fall away. Let your whole world become hazy. Some people call it relaxing, but I call it dominating. I want to dominate every cell in your brain. Every twitching nerve that keeps your hand moving up and down your cock, that’s me touching your cock. Up and down. Who’s touching your cock? Say it. Good boy. And it starts to feel really good and you just want to go faster but I want you to slow down and take another deep breath and let everything get hazy and just keep stroking. Empty eyes. Wide mouth. If you’re a chronic masturbator then you need this, you need me, you need guidance. Have you ever watched porn on multiple screens at the same time? Then you need me. Do you have a separate social media account for you porn? Then you need me. Now think less and stroke more. And I want you to think even less, much less, stroke more. Now take one more deep breath, I need you to be absolutely mindless so you can be completely obedient. Good boy. Keep stroking and following my every command. But one thing you are not going to do, is cum. Now I want you to get down on your knees. Stroking but not cumming but now you’re down on your knees for Goddess. Now lay down on your back so you can’t see the screen and stroke your cock and don’t cum. Can you still hear my voice? Good, now back on your knees. Such a good boy. Stroke your cock for Goddess but don’t cum. Stroke, stroke for me. But don’t cum. Good boy. Keep yourself on the edge but don’t go over. I know it’s getting harder to hold back. How do I have this hold over you? Why is it so easy for me to control you? And it’s so hard for you to pull away. Stroke, but don’t cum. You know I don’t want answers when I ask questions, what I want is for you to stroke, but don’t cum. Now imagine you’re in the room with me, stroking in front of me, and I whisper in your ear, taunting you. Do you think you could hold back then? Or would you just blow? Now stroke faster for me. Do you feel socially awkward in your life? If I was whispering in your ear I promise you wouldn’t have that problem any more. You wouldn’t have to worry about where to go or what to say or what to wear. You wouldn’t have to make any decisions any more. Let me control you and let yourself slip away…

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