Mandy Marx – Small Penis Virgin Loser Humiliated By The Hot Bratty Popular Girls

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Hey loser! Look Lucid is with me. Don’t be upset. Do you think she doesn’t know? I told her everything. LOL like everything! All the girls in our class know. Did you not know that? Did you think it was a big secret? LOL! I mean all my girlfriends know and Lucid is my best girlfriend. So I see you’ve left something on your computer. You see Lucid, if you didn’t think that being him being a super virgin was enough, you should see the things he does on his laptop. LOL! Oh My God! Look at how tiny it looks lol! I mean it’s like the size of my pinky! LOL! And that’s being generous. Why don’t you pull it out and show Lucid how small your cock is? C’mon we’re curious. Oh my gosh it’s barely there, it’s such a little cock lol! It’s like a little speck on your body. Oh my god you’re blushing so hard lol! It’s like so small. Even if you weren’t a virgin, nobody would be able to feel it, so would it even count? Would the sex count? No, it’s to small to fuck. LOL! It’s so sad. Oh my god your skirt is so cute, Lucid. Can you believe we almost got in trouble? They said that like our outfits were suggestive and distracting. What do you think? I don’t think we look very distracting, I mean like yea the skirts are a little short but like you can barely see our underwear when we bend over. Why don’t we do a real test? Go grab his cock Lucid and see if it’s getting hard right now while I’m bending over and showing him how short and tight this skirt is on my ass. LOL! His penis so small that I honestly can’t tell. But I think it’s getting hard. I know you’re not used to cocks so small Lucid, so you go bend over and I’ll check his cock. Unfortunately I’m used to seeing small cocks lol. Oh no Lucid I can see your panties! What do you think? Do you think these are distracting outfits for school or do you think we look ok? I think the teacher who reported us was just jealous. But we can tell that you like them, yea that little thing is definitely hard, we think lol! So we’re having a little party tonight and you’re going to be in one bedroom, and I’m going to be in one bedroom and Lucid in the other and then we’re going to sneak our boyfriends over once everyone goes to bed. So if you hear us fucking, which you probably will because we’re pretty loud. I mean my boyfriend’s cock is really big and it does make yours like miniscule. Like very unusable. You know you’ve always had that virgin vibe. We could tell by the way you look at girls. I mean we can tell that you’re horny all the time lol! That’s why I’ve had to lock him in chastity before he goes to school otherwise he would be popping boners all day. Look he’s getting hard now again. It’s kinda embarrassing at your age, you would think you could control that by now. Why don’t you stroke it? Show us how hard it gets LOL! Prove to us that it can get bigger than it is cuz honestly we don’t believe that it can. LOL! Hey Mandy, what’s like your favorite way to fuck? Well Lucid normally I would say usually I like it on all fours but because my boyfriend’s cock is so big, sometimes it’s easier to take the whole thing when I’m on my back. What about you Lucid, how do you like to fuck your boyfriend? Well I want it to be the way I will yell the loudest especially because I know you’ll be next door and I want you to hear every single second of it. So I like doggy style too but his cock is really big too so I like it when he fucks me on top. We’ll both be in our rooms moaning and you’ll be in your room in between us like a good virgin lol! It’ll be like you’re getting fucked on both ends while you fuck your hand LOL! Or rather your fingers because your cock is too small for your whole hand lol. So you’ll be in there desperately pumping away like you do when you find my pictures on Twitter lol. You do this tiny little cock jerk with two fingers LOL! Just two tiny fingers! We’ve never seen a cock that small lol! You’re going to use your two fingers as I’m on one side and Lucid is on the other. You can listen through the walls. Now you understand why we usually put you in chastity. We mean it just makes sense, you need to learn to control yourself and not just jerkoff to us all the time. We know you do. LOL! Did you stroke your tiny little cock the whole time you were watching this video? Well thanks for hanging out with us today we had a lot of fun. We should like totally hang out again.

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