Mandy Marx – Obsessed With Jerking It? Take My Chronic Masturbator Challenge (Part 1) 1920×1080 HD

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This is not a ‘clip’, this is a two part journey. A one week experience. This is for those who want experience something deeper. Part two will be released tomorrow but you probably won’t be watching it for a week, lol. You’ll see what I mean. You see we can create some real, intense feelings if you truly want something more. Something deeper than just a jerkoff session. This is for those of you who want an ‘experience’, for those of you who aren’t just losers, but actually want to feel submission. This truly is an art form for Mandy Marx, she knows exactly what she’s doing. Play along and let her take you to a place you’ve never been. Take your submission to the next level and experience bliss like you’ve never felt before. Experience what a jerkoff loser with no self control could never experience, and the truth is, jerk off losers really miss out on what denial can truly achieve.So you’ve accepted the no jerk challenge. Good boy. I think it’s going to be really good for you, especially if you’re the type of guy who jerks off more than once a day. So here’s how it’s going to work. Every day, for one week, your hand isn’t going anywhere near your cock. And you’re going to watch one video of mine that you haven’t watched, every single day. And then on the last day, you’ll get an amazing release. It won’t be easy, I might be a little teasy, but I think it will be very good for you.Are you a chronic masturbator? Not in like a clinical sense but do you feel like you do it a little too much? I think that it’s good that you’re doing this, it’s a time when we can like be human together. Let’s talk about the ways that it’s good for you, we both know you should be jerking less but nobody really talks about why. Obviously there’s the addictive part of it. We can take a break from it and remind ourselves that we can go without it. There are other ways to entertain ourselves, other activities within society that you could actually be a part of. And then there’s the health component, you can actually build up a little testosterone by not releasing it so frequently.I mean admit it, even if you jerked off half as much it’s still probably too much. And then there’s the way you relate to and talk to women. You’re going to be more thoughtful and you’ll have some more free time. I mean how much time do you spend doing it or thinking about it? There are so many other things you could be doing. And after a week of watching my videos, you’re going to be happy with your resolve, that you were able to follow through. And that thing that you’re thinking about, you have this goal on your mind to keep you focused and you will show that you have the restraint and submission to follow through.And even if this is nerve wracking and scary and you start freaking out, you’ll come out of it feeling elated. You might even want to try it again for even longer. And when you get the reward, you’ll forget about all the hard parts, they will just disappear from your mind. All you’ll remember is the ecstasy that this gave you. This is going to be a fun game and this is what I do so obviously I know what I’m doing and I know you’re really going to enjoy it because I do this to men in sessions all the time and they love it. They love being pushed. They’re grateful.So for a week, you’re not going to jerk or cum and every day you’re going to watch a video of me. And I want you to pay attention to how it feels along the way, throughout your weeklong journey. Is it just in your balls, or do you feel it in your chest and in your mind? I’m really going to try to not push you over the edge during the week. But I’m also not going to make it that easy for you. See you in a week.

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