Mandy Marx – Loser Boy Goon Boy Little Dick Boy

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Hi, we haven’t done this in awhile. But I know you’re probably as excited for it as I am. So for the first five minutes, you just have to watch me. No touching. And then when I tell you, you’re going to start to stroke. And then you’re going to cum really quick for me. I mean after five minutes of watching me it’s going to be really hard not to cum super fast. Does that make sense? Good. Just watch me as I show you how to stroke it. But don’t touch. Just look down at that tiny little cock of yours. I’ll bet it’s so hard already and some of you are just desperate to touch it. I’m sure some of you boys who really get off on being told how small their cock is, while those normal boys with nice bigger, thicker cocks, they might already be raging hard. Are you a small cock boy or one of my big cock boys? What are you? Small cock boys are so much easier to fit in my mouth lol! While with my big cock boys I’d really have to work to get it in. LOL! But you know that’s a joke right? LOL! There’s no boy with a big cock watching this right now lol! Can I tell you a secret? You bought a JOI clip where you can’t J, O, or I. LOL! So tell me, when I finally let you cum, how fast are you going to spill it for me? Do you already have your cum rag ready to go? I’ll bet you have a jerkoff station with like lube, and tissues, and your laptop. I’ll bet you’re already to go lol! You’re going to cum so fast for me. I think you’re going to be the first one to cum lol. Like 20 seconds fast? Like 15? Lol! Are you going to cum just watching me, hands free? Or do you have some endurance and it might take you an entire minute to cum? We’re going to have a little contest. Who is the most pathetic boy? Who’s the saddest and going to cum the fastest? Is it you? Lol! Are you whimpering? Are you whimpering because I’m mean or because I’m telling the truth, or are you whimpering because you’re just so pathetic and you really, really wanna touch your cock? Do you wanna touch your cock right now? Almost, it’s almost time for you to start to play the game. Who’s going to be my good boy? Who’s going to cum the fastest? We’re about to start. Are you excited? You should be super excited. Put your hand on that tiny cock and stroke for me. I want you to cum really fast. Put your hand on that pathetic little cock and stroke for me. I want you to cum fast for me. C’mon spill for me. Well I know some of you have already cum because it’s been 20 seconds, have you already spilled? Well some boys with incredible endurance it’s going to take them a few minutes so I should probably keep going for them even though you’ve probably already spilled, haven’t you? Have you filled up that cum rag already? Are you still trying to catch your breath? Ha ha ha, humiliation boy, loser boy, goon boy, little dick boy lol!

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