Mandy Marx – Jerk And Sniff While I Fuck Your Brain, You Can’t Stop Me, Can You? 1280×720 HD

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Duration: 08:10
Quality: 1280x720 HD

This is an unique mesmerize clip for jerking zombies who like to get fucked up. Mandy is going to truly scramble your stupid sniffing brain and turn you into her mindless stroking zombie. Mandy uses so many different mesmerize techniques in this clip. There are binaural tones and beats, whisper tracks, and seductive repetition. And her cadence and words will confuse your brain and keep your cock on edge. No one knows how to get inside your head quite like Mandy Marx. This clip is an intense experience, get ready to get fucked up and have Mandy crawl around inside your brain while you find yourself unable to stop jerking.If you haven’t had a sniff or taken a shot yet, or both, then stop this video and go do so now. What are you doing wasting both of our time? Good. Now, I know your secret. Because I already know what you’re into if you bought this clip. I want to lock that burning, buzzing feeling into your head, and deep into your body. You feel that flutter in your chest and I want to keep that feeling going. Go on, try to shut me out, try to stop me, you’ll see that you can’t.Now take that hand of yours and stroke stroke stroke. Watch me and stroke your cock. Little zombie stroking boy, stroke stroke stroke and watch me. Watch me destroy you. Watch me steal every last ounce of your life force. Now that I’ve got you hooked, try to stop me. Try to stop that hand from bouncing up and down. Try. You can’t, can you? Try to stop thinking about me, try to stop looking at me. And definitely make sure you don’t enjoy my pantyhose. Try to resist me, but I know you secret and my hooks are already in.If you’re taking a shot or sniffing, then this isn’t your first time. You’ve done it before and you’ll do it again. You want me to take advantage of you, don’t you? You enjoy the hooks sinking into your mind and you enjoy that I keep the buzzing sensation going and going and never stopping. Just stop right now. Stroking little zombie, try to stop the jerking motion. Be something more than just a jerking lubed up little boy that’s humping his pillow and working his hand. But here you are, you’re still thrusting, you can’t stop. Try, try harder. Try not to look at me. And don’t look at my feet, they might turn you on. Don’t look at my shiny stockings, but you wouldn’t be interested in something like that because you’re a good strong boy that doesn’t need constant zombie masturbation. Then why did you already have something to sniff on hand? So maybe I should put them to use.Jerk for me. If you haven’t stopped me yet then you probably can’t. Jerk jerk jerk little zombie boy. Jerk to my body, jerk to my shiny pantyhose, jerk to everything I do or say. Jerk jerk jerk. Jerk for Mandy. Jerk for Mandy. I’m going to get you so fucked up and get so deep inside your weak little mind that you’re never going to recover little jerking zombie boy.

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