Mandy Marx – Internet Blackmail-Fantasy Bait The Threat Of Being Ruined Turns You On

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This is a clip but it’s really an offer. If you are someone who finds themselves very aroused by the idea of a cute, harmless girl on the internet having all of your information, and then tinkering with it and then just having the ability to post it wherever I want. And then you jerkoff to the idea that I could ruin you the moment you sent it. Then this is the clip for you. It’s the bait, and it’s only for the biggest, blackmail-fantasy perverts. If you can get hard and you’re not scared, are you even into blackmail-fantasy? Real blackmail-fantasy perverts are genuinely scared when they type in their information. Maybe the first time you just send a little bit of information to see how serious it is, then you need to send more because you really want to feel it. And that’s what excites me. I want someone that wants the fear. The constant threat of being outed is what turns you on and makes you scared at the same time. You send one email and then you send another and then you get kinda twisted and then you think about sending even more delicate information. But it’s just a blackmail-fantasy. She wouldn’t really. But what if I give her all the information so she could ruin me. She could post all of my information, on the internet. Where you work. Where you live. Maybe a photo. Do you have any fun photos of playtime? Well if you wanna be one of my blackmail-fantasy boys, I think you know what to do. Put in the information. And every time we walk towards that edge, you get closer to the real threat of being outed. Even the sound of a ringing phone will start to make you hard. And you’ll feel compelled to jerk. Little check ins, compliance tests, even during the middle of your work day. And they’ll make you so horny. What if you just gave me a couple of more pieces of information? That got you excited. What about a sexy text in the morning? How would that fuck up your day? I’ll say something innocent like, ‘You look really nice in your red shirt.’ And you’ll say, ‘I’m wearing a blue shirt’. And I’ll say, ‘Well now I that you’re the guy in the blue shirt in the office, thanks for letting me know. Bye.’ It’s this little thing that I do. But I do the thing that gets you going more than any type of seduction. Now stroke your cock for me and send me one more little piece of information. If you send it, then I’ll let you cum. Sending more and more as you jerk and jerk. You send and you stroke and then I make a video of it lol! And then you get that video and it starts to be real. Your fantasy jerkoff sessions become the realest jerkoff sessions. And then the dance begins, back and forth. I poke you and see how you move. I watch how you move and that’s how I know where to dance next. I ask you, ‘How is work?’ And you say, ‘Work is stressful, I just really want to jerkoff.’ Then I say, ‘Ok well I definitely won’t call your boss then.’ I could keep you on the edge of your seat. If you’re ready for the price of admission. You just gotta send me little message with a little bit of information and then you’re caught, ensnared in my web. Is it my devious ways? Do you like watching me studying you? Or is it my perfect ass that just makes you want to give up and give in? Send a little picture of your girlfriend. Or just send me your social media accounts. I will always have this on you. I only need a little information to get started and then we can play my blackmail-fantasy games.

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