Mandy Marx – Humiliating Sex Attempts for Virgins In Chastity

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You meet Mandy out at a bar and you two hit it off and go back to her place. While you’re fooling around under the covers, you let is slip that you’re a virgin. She seems shocked and stops fooling around with you…. You have no idea what she’s got planned for you… “You’re a virgin? That’s so interesting. Say it again. ‘I’m a virgin.’ I actually really like that. When you say virgin, you mean like nothing? Wow, a real virgin. Well I wanna make your first time really special. I want you to put this on. It’s a chastity device. We’re going to have a lot of fun. Now we can practice. I’m going to show you with this pillow. I’m gonna show you what you’re going to do to me and then you’re going to do it to me with your chastity device on, just to make your first time absolutely perfect. I want you to practice. So first let’s just go like normal. I’m going to be laying down and you’re just gonna thrust. Watch me with my pillow. Thrust me like this. You might hear it jingle, it might feel good, you might not be able to stop. Wanna give it a try? Yes that’s it, get on top and try it. Now if anyone asks you’re going to know what missionary is. This is virgin missionary. Now for this one, you’re gonna be the pillow this time. You’re gonna lay down and I’m going to straddle you just like this pillow. Then I can just slide you inside and ride your cock, or rather your cage. Do you wanna take the place of the pillow? Don’t be shy. I know it’s scary to do new things but that cage will make it so there’s nothing to be nervous about. We’re just practicing. Practice with me. I like this position, it’s really my favorite because it doesn’t really matter how much you know how to use your cock. I control it and can take it how I want. This is my favorite way to break in little virgin chastity boys. I’m sure you’ve heard about this next one. It’s me down on all fours and you behind me. I’m the pillow and you just hump. Think you can handle that? Let’s try. Practice with me, a little virgin chastity practice. That’s it, good boy. Hump me from behind with that chastity device on. Do you wanna know exactly how I feel about virgins in chastity? Well I’ve always had a love for virgins. The funny thing is they’re like jewelry in my jewelry box, I love to collect them. They’re a special commodity, there’s only so many of them left in the world. Most of them are gone so when I get one I’m going to keep them. They are so much easier, like they are so dedicated. Any tiny little amount of affection they get, well it’s the most they’ve ever gotten. And then you slap this little device on them and all of a sudden they are double dedicated. My friends call me the virgin hunter. Are You a virgin?”

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