Mandy Marx – Gooning Clicking Mindless Pay Pig Conditioning

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Duration: 11:11s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

This is a rare findom clip from Mandy Marx. Do you know why? Because she’s a true findom. She doesn’t need to beg or make videos, men just come to her and beg to pay her. This is as real as it gets, pay pig. She will plant triggers in your brain and have your head spinning and your wallet empty before you even know what happened. Mandy looks absolutely devastating in this clip. You are so fucked! If you even want the opportunity for me to drain you, then you have to be worthy of draining. Earn it boy. You already bought this findom clip, I know you want to be my pay pig. You wanna be my cash boy. Then earn it. So now’s your time to fill up, pig. Earn it. Look how fast you’re jerking. I want you to work so hard that this is all you know how to do any more. This, stroking and clicking like the mindless little pay pig that you are. Pay me. Is that what you wanna hear? You wanna hear pay me? Well you have to keep up with my very demanding ways. You have to earn it, you stupid twitchy little piggy. Keep edging your brain away. I want you to prove that you’re worthy to even lick my boots. I know you love these boots, don’t you pig? Goon for me and get dumber, my mindless little cash cock. You’re so lucky that I’m even allowing a pig like you to stroke right now. I want you to get really close, so close, edge yourself…. Who makes you stop when you’re on the edge? Mandy Marx. Say it out loud. Back to earning it piggy, up and down, up and down. Who do you want to walk all over you? Mandy Marx. Keep pumping. Keep gooning. Do you want to see the bottoms of my boots? Then earn it. I want you to get to another edge, get really close… hands off. You didn’t think earning it would be easy, did you? You look so lost right now. Stroke again for me boy. Maybe you are worthy of conditioning. I see a little something in you. Stroke for me. Every time you see that dollar sign you will have an subconscious thought. You think about paying. Every single time. More and more. When you see me in a hot outfit like this you think about tributing me. You think about it. This little flicker in your head happens. It feels hotter and hotter as you jerk faster and faster. You see how pretty I am and there’s an subconscious thought where you think you should tribute me. You just think about it, you can’t control it, the thought just pops in your head. Keep gooning my little cash machine. Every time you see the dollar sign you’re being conditioned. I’m conditioning you to think about paying. Just think about it. Think about it while you goon and edge and fall deeper under my control. I want to keep you on the edge because that’s when you’re most suggestible. Pump, pump, pump. I’m conditioning you, don’t you see, the closer you get, the more malleable you are. Go ahead, you may cum. I’ve already done my work. My triggers are already planted. Awww did your brains fall right out your ears, come right out your cock?

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