Mama Fiona – Eating Dads Cum Out of Mom

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I’ve just come home from a party and I came into your room to say goodnight. But you can tell that i’ve got something up my sleeve – or pussy, rather. You ask me some questions to get to the bottom of it and i’m coy but you know your mom better than that! Yes… your dad and I fucked in public and yes… he left the evidence inside of me. You beg to eat it out of my pussy and omg I love/hate that you wanna do this again! You’re my son… its so wrong sweetheart we shouldn’t be doing this. But I can’t resist your puppy dog eyes and how you beg me. Before I know it I’m spread eagle on your face with dad’s cum dripping out of me and into your mouth! You want to know every single detail about my night so I start to suck your cock while you play with me and as the story evolves… I decide to just go ahead and stick your cock inside of me too. I’m so wet and sloshy and its almost more than you can handle! Not only that… you want to mix your own cum with dads and eat it out of me with my encouragement! You are such a kinky fucker I swear! I mean, I guess the apple doesn’t fall far, does it 😉

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